Aircraft and General Disinfection

Aircraft Disinfection is a specific service and measures taken to control, deactivate or kill infectious agents, such as disinfectant of virus and bacteria when there is a special requirement of the disinfectant service, during routine cleaning or after a public health event, such as the suspected carriage of an infectious passenger.

Before providing cleaning and disinfection services to commercial aircrafts, we always take into account the specific characteristics of the aircraft (cockpit design and passenger cabin design) and the type of surfaces involved as well as the recommendations of the aircraft manufacturer in terms of disinfecting agents which can be used.

For this purpose, we only use disinfectants, in addition to their disinfecting capabilities on the specific SARS-CoV2, must be aircraft component compatible, namely they must not have any negative effects on individual parts or the structure of the aircraft, while also being approved for use at national level. When choosing a disinfectant, it must be ascertained that their application will not be likely to have damaging effects regarding the human health or the aircraft in terms of:

  • aircraft structure (i.e., corrosion),
  • electronics and avionics (i.e., insulation of cables),
  • sensors (i.e., smoke detection),
  • interior (i.e., installations, seats, monitors, media devices, windows, galleys, countertops, restrooms)

We take extra caution in selecting suitable products and before applying these products in aircraft. It is important to protect the health of the cleaning personnel, aircrew and passengers, as well as to ensure effective action. Consequently, only cleaning and disinfecting substances that are nationally approved for use on aircraft against bacteria and viruses (SARS-CoV-2 etc) and that have been approved by the aircraft manufacturer should be used.

Our Team

Our team have adequately trained so they understand and respect the procedures that will ensure effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfecting agents, use the proper personal protective equipment, prevent contamination of other areas and minimize occupational health and safety risks to personnel, including ensuring adequate ventilation in confined areas such as lavatories.

Aircraft Preventive Disinfection

Preventive disinfection aims disinfecting all passenger aircraft arriving from high risk areas. This take into account the size and ground time (stopover time) of aircraft. Our disinfection services follow the general principle of thorough disinfection from out ring-to-centre, top-down and encompassing approach.

below a list of recommended practices to ensure efficient disinfection is dispatched. Our Team ensure that:

  • use different cleaning utensils (e.g. the cloths and mops) used in each area, potentially using colour coding, in order to reduce cross-contamination.
  • avoid to be detrimental to aircraft components, rub the surfaces with disinfectant for adequate contact time and remove it immediately.
  • spray the floor from front to back before disinfection and then spray again in opposite direction
  • disinfect the key areas as noted below, begin at the top and proceed downward progressively working from clean to dirty areas: Aisle, Lavatory, Galley