CAMO Services Example

Coming soon… stay tuned! We already are in application process for our CAMO approval which we schedule to receive in end of 2020. Our services then will be:

We provide Continuing Airworthiness Management Services for the following aircraft types based on our company approvals from Myanmar DCA.

Aircraft Types

TTAS as a  Part M Subpart G organisation holds ARC privileges on the following aircraft types*:

Airbus A320

Airbus A319

ATR 42

ATR 72

Embraer ERJ 145

CAMO Services

Aircraft Registration Service

Aircraft (CAMO) Hosting

Airworthiness Review Certificate Recommendation

Maintenance Program Development

Maintenance Planning

AD/SB Assessment

Re-assessment of structural repairs

Modification Approval Process

Continuous Technical Record Management


Part M Subpart G (coming soon)