Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery

What we can offer

  1. Assist Aircraft Recertification And Registration Transfer
  2. Optimizing Lease End Management Support Programmes
  3. Review Full Records Documentation For Lease / Purchase Delivery
  4. Aircraft Maintenance Programme Assessment / Workscope Development
  5. Aircraft Maintenance Programme Bridging Development
  6. Perform Aircraft Records and Aircraft Data ‘Take-On’ Service
  7. Manage Aircraft Modification / Conversion Programmes
  8. Aircraft / Engine / Equipment Storage And Maintenance Sourcing
  9. MRO Contract Negotiation
  10. Aircraft Records Digitalization

Check Supervision

We provide on-site representatives to ensure the follow-up during maintenance letter checks, delivery/redelivery checks, refurbishment or working parties.

On-site representatives activities:

  1. Participate in the production meeting with the MRO.
  2. Liaison with the MRO on all technical matters (and logistics activities, if contractually required).
  3. Issuance progressive reports for the customer (on defined basis).
  4. Monitor all additional and/or deferred works with the customer maintenance organization.
  5. Ensure that all maintenance is carried out in accordance within the defined work-scope and approved maintenance program.
  6. Ensure that Aircraft is released in accordance with defined rules.
  7. Ground and flight test observer (assist the customer with ferry flight preparation if required).

Asset Inspection

We offer the comprehensive asset inspection report to you by quickly and reliably inspecting of aircraft.

What we deliver to you-

  1. A full documented review of aircraft technical records, aircraft historial documents and technical status of the aircraft.
  2. Listing documentation of any discrepanices , concerns and findings
  3. Perform detailed visual inspection of aircraft exterior and interior
  4. Produce the pictorial report that includes the overall condition of aircraft, name plates, installed components
  5. Summarizing all findings from the technical records review and physical inspection of the aircraft
  6. Provide the comprehensive final report


We can conduct internal audits on your organization as a whole, departmental or base audits.

We can also conduct audits on your third party contract providers. Whether you are an airline, small aircraft operator,

charter operator, maintenance provider or have contracted services to operators we have a solution for you.

You can specify the scope of the audit, whether it is on a part of your organization, or, your entire organization, or even on

a third-party organization that you have contracted or wish to contract.